NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 4/10


Philosophers and theologians study, write and speak
of "proof for the existence of God" 
but my proof of your being, Lord, is simpler,
not as technical and much less academic...

April's flowering trees are proof enough for me that you exist,
each blossom a telling witness of your eternal nature...

You bring all trees back to life each spring, 
dressing their barren branches in shades of green 
lavish, dense, lush and abundant
 - but then - with extravagant divinity    
you select some trees, not all, 
and generously grace them, 
adorning their leafy arms with blossoms
white, gold, lilac, red and lavender...

That's just one of my proofs for your existence, Lord,
a seasonal one for sure, but then there's also:
   artichokes and full moons; a baby's reaching hand;
   every kind of music; understanding and compassion;
   long and loving hugs; imagination's endless scope;
   Jesus and his gospel; the gift of human language;
   wine and cheese and bread;  faith that's prayed and shared;
   the capacity to learn and know; hope in hopeless moments;
   unexpected friendship; mercy undeserved;
   the written, printed word; a passion for the truth; 
   bare skin warmed by sunlight; intuition, thoughts and hunches; 
   unconditional, selfless love; butterscotch and chocolate;
   sweet memories of the past; gentleness and kindness;
   and on and on and on...

All these, my simple proofs, Lord,
my proofs of your existence
rooted in my everyday, my ordinary life,
proof, for sure, that I am yours
and you're my Lord and God...

And today was such a day, Lord,
today was such a day...
Protect me, Lord, while I lie awake
pondering this day's beauty
and watch over me while I sleep tonight,
dreaming dreams of spring's new birth
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

(Tonight's music might seem better suited for a morning
prayer but it's just been one of those wonderful spring days!)

Look At The World by John Rutter


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