Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 4/16

I believe, Lord, that your loving eye is upon me
   every moment of every day -
      morning, noon and night -
  that you never blink, nap or nod,
   but rather, without fail, hold me in your sight...

I believe, Lord, that your ears are open to my prayer,
   to every word and thought and dream of mine,
      the good ones and the not so good:
I believe that nothing crosses my mind, stirs in my heart -
   not a word leaves my lips 
- without your knowing it and, 
    in your own good way and time, attending to it...

I believe, Lord, that your heart is open to mine: 24/7/365.
Not a beat of my heart goes unnoticed by yours:
   every flutter, murmur and skip of my heart
         echoes in yours and is lovingly heard...

I trust your attention to all of my needs, Lord,
   even when I wonder and worry that you've taken a break
      or forgotten my name or have tired of all my prayers...

I trust your response to my worries and fears
   even when silence is the answer you give.
In your silence I trust that I'm not left alone,
   that I'm patiently held in your mystery of love
    'til your word, your wisdom,
         your breath whispers softly,
            "I'm with you, you are not alone..."

I trust in your care when you answer my prayer:
   "not now..."  or  "not yet..." or even just "no..."
Then I pray for the patience to wait and to watch
   for the ways I know you'll help me get through, get by
      and survive each day's stress and the darkest of nights...

I trust that you see, Lord, much more than I,
   that your vision is keener than mine;
that you see all my troubles just as they are, discerning
   the small from the large, the large from the small,
      the ones I imagine from those that are real...

I trust that you're with me today, Lord:
   that not for a moment will you leave my side,
   that at every turn you'll be watching my step...

I trust not a word, not a thought from my prayer
      will fail to reach the depths of your heart;
that even in silence your love will abide
   in the mystery and promise of the gift of your peace...




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