Monday Morning Offering: 5/10

      Image: George Mendoza   

Good morning, good God!

Sometimes, Lord, 
I'm so overwhelmed by your gifts
I don't know where to begin
to offer you my thanks and praise...

And sometimes, Lord, I'm just overwhelmed 
(by so many worries and concerns)
that I miss your gifts and blessings
and don't even think of thanking you
for all you've given me...
So this morning, Lord,
I offer you a prayer, my desire,
to find, to see and never miss
any gift or blessing that falls to me
from your kind and generous hand...
Overwhelm me with your blessings, Lord,
and open my eyes and ears and heart 
to every single one...
Overwhelm me with grace to draw me
out of darkness into light,
from sorrow into joy,
from need to serenity, 
from doubt to faith in you
and all your many gifts...
Let nothing overwhelm me, Lord,
save the joy of knowing
the breadth and depth and peace
of all you offer me...


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