NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 5/7

As days and months and years go by, Lord,
I find wonder more and more:
    what lies ahead for me?
    what chapters in my story are yet to be written?
    how many chapters will there be?
    what joys and sorrows will fill those pages? 
    where will my story line take me?  
    what new characters will appear in my story?
    am I facing a peaceful denouement,
        resolving all the mysteries of my life
    or will there come a twist in the plot
        - and a surprise ending?

So many questions, Lord,
    and I haven't an answer to any of them!
Only a few clues...
My clues lie in the chapters of my past,
   the tale of my discovering, oh-so-slowly,
that you, Lord, are the protagonist, 
   the main character of my life's story
and I your foil, your servant, and by your mercy,
   your beloved...
I have only these clues to go on, Lord:
   your steady, guiding hand in all of my affairs;
   your faithful voice in every chapter, line and word
      of the whole of my life's chronicle;
   and your unfailing patience with me
      each time I've tried to edit, redact and rewrite 
         your narrative of grace through all my years...
The clues you give, Lord, are subtle, yet promising;
vague but still convincing;
undefined and yet portending of your mercy
   weaving in and through each moment of my life,
until, I hope and pray, my story becones one with yours 
when you inscribe my name 
   in the Book of Life, forever...
Protect me, Lord, as this day's story ends
and my dreams provide an epilogue
of all that's been and yet to be,
that awake I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Lord, You Are the Author of My Life 

Lord you are the author of my life
You have begun a work in me,
You have predestined me
To do your perfect will.

And Lord, You are the Lord of all my days,
You are the Lord of all my nights,
You have chosen me
To carry forth your word.

So Lord, finish in me what you’ve begun,
Guide me by your mighty hand, Lord:
Let me trust in you.
And Lord, let me seek your holy face,
May I always walk with you, Lord,
And let your will be done.


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