Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 6/27

when I take for granted
all that I have:
help me find
my deepest joys -
in the simplest things of life... 

when I want more and more,
so much more than I need:
help me remember 
the joy I have -
in the simplest of my possessions...

when I want what I want
and must have it now:
help me remember
the joys at hand -
in the simple things already mine...

when greed and envy
spoil my heart:
help me cherish
true joy
in the very simplest of gifts...

And remind me, Lord,
all day through this day,
to share with others
from the bounty that's mine,
from my plenty and want,
from the grandest and simplest
of all I possess...
Just help me keep it simple, Lord,
just help me keep it simple...



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