NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 7/4

(On Sundays, Night Prayer takes its inspiration from an element of the day's mass. Tonight we'll focus on surrendering to the grace of Jesus in times of trouble and distress, as we heard in today's second reading and as prayerfully expressed in John Foley's song, Take, Lord, Receive.)

I ususally place the music for these evening posts after the text of the prayer.  Tonight I suggest we listen to the song first and then turn to the prayer - and perhaps then listen to the song again!

 Take, Lord, Receive by John Foley, SJ

Take, Lord, receive, all my liberty.
My memory, understanding, my entire will!

Give me only your love and your grace,
that's enough for me!
Your love and your grace are enough for me!

Take Lord, receive, all I have and possess.
You have given all to me, now I return it.

Take Lord receive, all is yours now.
Dispose of it, wholly according to your will.
Take, Lord, Receive




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