Monday Morning Offering: 12/20

         Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
I'm thinking ahead to Christmas, Lord,
and remembering how, on the night you were born,
there was no room at the inn
for Mary and Joseph - and you...
So this morning,  I want to offer you room 
in some places I know 
where the Vacancy sign is lit...

In the days between now and Christmas, Lord,
I offer you room in my heart:
a place to come in and be at home,
to share, I hope, my sorrows and joys
and to listen to what I pray...
And I offer you room on my gift list, Lord,
for last minute shopping 
to feed the hungry, clothe the shivering, 
shelter the homeless and support all those 
who spend their lives supporting those 
who are lost and alone and afraid...
And I offer you room on my schedule, Lord:
to be in touch with those I've forgotten,
to ask forgiveness of those I've hurt,
to reconnect with far away friends,
to reconcile where grudges divide,
to visit folks all alone this week,
to call or email my thanks and love
   to those whom I take for granted,
to make time for others, especially those
   who always make time for me...

And I offer you room, Lord, in just those places  
    where I'm filled with resentment and anger,     
        and need you to clean my house;
    where I'm cluttered with many possessions
        and need to let go and make room;
    where I'm hollow and empty, 
        in need your presence
            to fill me with peace and joy...
And I offer you my rough edges, Lord:
    like the hard roads and hills,
       make them soft and smooth;
    in my soul's shadowed corners
        let your light arise
    to brighten my spirit and open my heart
        to welcome you when you come.. 

I'm clearing a place in my life for you,
    room at the inn of my heart,
a vacancy, Lord, reserved for you
    to come this Christmas, to come in peace,
        to dwell in my heart and make it your home...





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