NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 12/13

 We sing it all through Advent, Lord:
    O Come, O Come, Emmanuel...
We sing to you, Lord
because you are Emmanuel,
you are God-with- us...
And although you are already with us
still we pray that you will come, that we will find you
    where we seek you,
    where we hope for you,
    where we need you,
    where we want you,
    where you have already come...
In that spirit, then, Lord, we pray:
    come and be God-with-us 
        this very night;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our families;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our marriages;
    come and be God-with-us 
          in our neighborhoods;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our anger and division;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our doubt and our confusion;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our efforts to make peace;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in the work of equal justice;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in the loneliness we know;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our grieving those we've lost;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in serving all the poor;
    come and be God-with-us 
        in our every disappointment;
     come and be God-with-us 
        (name the situations, circumstances
            and relationships where you pray
                for God to be with you...)
    come and be God-with-us, Lord,
        as we wait for you who are
            God-with-us even now...
You are with us, Lord
    as you've always been
        and you'll be with us forever
when you come again in glory
    to bring us home together
        in the fullness of all time... 

Protect us, Lord while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Tonight's music is instrumental,
   offered as background for your praying
        for God to be with you this night... 
O Come, Emmnuel by The Piano Guys
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