NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 12/12

On Sundays, Night Prayer will focus on an element from the day's celebration of mass. Tonight we reflect on the joy of this Third Sunday of Advent: we are half-way to Christmas...

Lord, I'm always grateful 
   for any and all of the joys I've known
but tonight I thank you especially for pockets of joy:
   the unexpected simple gifts
   that surprise and lift my spirits
   when I'm burdened by all that keeps me down...
Pockets of joy, Lord:
   a soupcon of cheer on a cloudy day;
   a sunrise, full moon, a starry sky; 
   being known and called by my name;
   discovering I'm loved for who I am;
   the consolation of trusting that all shall be well;
   holding a sleeping newborn child; 
   a poem wrapping my heart in its words;
   the integrity of doing the next right thing;
   to be hugged by someone I want to hug; 
   taking pride in work well done;
   the ocean, the mountains, flowers and trees;
   passing moments of sweet relief;
   forgiveness  with no strings attached; 
   spending time with friends who care; 
   a song that teaches my soul to sing;
   eyes meeting mine with love;
   the saving gift of a second chance;
   the grace of grief letting go;
   the warmth of sun on my bare skin;
   the freedom born of telling the truth;
   the press of a hand on my shoulder;
   knowing I'm not alone;
   finding you, Lord, wherever I turn...
Pockets of joy, Lord:
gifts from you, graciously offered, 
dropped in my lap, in my heart, in my thoughts, 
in my hopes, in my dreams, in my prayer...
Pockets of joy, Lord:
too many to count - but not so many
that I won't pray for more!

I give you thanks and praise, my God 
from whom all joyful blessings flow!
In all your blessings I rejoice
and I rejoice, again and again...

Protect me, Lord while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Rejoice In The Lord Always 
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