Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 12/27

Artist unknown

(The usual Monday Morning Offering will resume on 1/3/22)

Study the image above,
a tender moment all fathers know,
cradling a child and wondering,
    "What will become of this little one,
        fast asleep in my arms?"

Joseph holds a child not his own,
not in the natural sense,
yet this child is his 
to nurture and to care for...
Is not all love like this?
An invitation 
    to shelter - but not confine,
    to hold - but not to own, 
    to embrace and yet set free the heart
        of every one we love...
Those we love and claim as ours
    are but on loan to us
until the One who made us claims us all 
    and frees us to be loved...

Let us pray...

you hold a son in your strong arms,
Mary's newborn boy child,
entrusted to your care...
But Mary's son is not your own
  - and yet he's yours -   
to nurture and protect 
to shelter and to love...

As you hold him so faithfully,
    so carefully, so gently,
so may we hold each other
    and let ourselves be held...

Teach us, Joseph, teach us well,
the love that never fails
    to free the hearts we hold as ours
    and cherish as our own...

Joseph's Lullaby by Mercy Me
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Go to sleep my Son  
This manger for your bed  
You have a long road before 
You rest your little head  
Can you feel the weight of your glory?  
Do you understand the price?  
Or does the Father guard your heart for now  
So you can sleep tonight?  
Go to sleep my Son  
Go and chase your dreams  
This world can wait for one more moment  
Go and sleep in peace  
I believe the glory of Heaven  
Is lying in my arms tonight  
But Lord, I ask that he for just this moment  
Simply be my child  
Go to sleep my Son  
Baby, close your eyes 
Soon enough you'll save the day 
But for now, dear Child of mine  
Oh my Jesus, sleep tight 




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