3 Kings? How about 3 Queens?

There are only two kings mentioned in the gospel of the Epiphany 
and they are Jesus and Herod. But composers and artists have led 
us to venerate as kings several astrologers who have made their way
into our songs and paintings, our nativity scenes and our hearts!

Poet Norma Farber offers us another possibility: suppose three Queens
came in search of the Christ child?  She plays out this imagery in her
lovely verse, The Queens Came Late. I shared this at mass today after
Communion.  Below you'll find video of that and the text itself.
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!

The Queens Came Late 

The Queens came late, but the Queens were there
With gifts in their hands and crowns in their hair.
They’d come, these three, like the Kings, from far,
Following, yes, that guiding star.
They’d left their ladles, linens, looms,
Their children playing in nursery rooms,
And told their sitters:
“Take charge! For this
Is a marvelous sight we must not miss!”
The Queens came late, but not too late
To see the animals small and great,
Feathered and furred, domestic and wild,
Gathered to gaze at a mother and child.
And rather than frankincense and myrrh
And gold for the babe, they brought for her
Who held him, a homespun gown of blue,
And chicken soup–with noodles, too-
And a lingering, lasting, cradle-song.
The Queens came late and stayed not long,
For their thoughts already were straining far-
Past manger and mother and guiding star
And a child aglow as a morning sun-
Toward home and children and chores undone.
- Norma Farber   





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