Monday Morning Offering: 1/31

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
Could it possibly be the last day of January? 
Is the first month of 2022 really about to become history?
Is the year still new?
Or more importantly, Lord:
   what have I done with the first month of this year?
   how have I spent these 31 days?
   what changes have I made?
   what changes have I resisted?
   how have the past four weeks changed me?
   - those New Year's resolutions I made:
        what have I made of them?

And you and me, Lord - how are we doing?
   have I drawn closer to you this past month?
   have I checked in every day, in prayer?
   have I trusted in your love for me? your care for me?
   have I followed where you've led me?
   have I said and done what you've asked of me?
   have I, in confusion, prayed for your wisdom?

One month down and eleven to go, Lord!
    334 more days left in the year, days for:
    praying, reaching, changing, growing,
    working, playing, learning, serving,
    becoming the person you made me to be
    from before the days of time began...

This morning I offer those 334 days
and I offer them, Lord, just as you give them,
a day at a time:
    to see you more clearly,
    love you more dearly
    and follow you more nearly,
    day by day by day by day,
    just one day at a time...





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