For more than seven decades, Lord,
I've lived a life of privilege and promise:
promises kept and kept secure
by a nation, a Church and a culture
that taught me in oh-so-many ways
that somehow I deserved, was owed,
had merited all the gifts
that came my way and filled my lap...

For more than seven decades, Lord,
I've walked the streets as a tall, white male,
watchful of the routes I took
but, by and large, feeling free to walk
wherever I had a mind to go, day or night,
with friends or all alone...
For more than seven decades, Lord,
I've trusted that the world around
would welcome me, understand me,
help me, encourage me, forgive me,
reward me and tell me in so many ways,
"You're good, you're fine, you're one of us..."
So, it's only from outside, Lord,
that I observe the life of my sisters and brothers,
your daughters and sons, who are, every day,
identified, classified and marginalized 
simply on account of their color, 
deeper and richer than the pale canvas
on which my own life is painted...
For more than seven decades, Lord, 
I was raised and taught not to be racist
but now I'm learning, I'm beginning to see
- that wasn't enough...

If it's not too late, Lord, 
(and I don't believe it ever is)
help me become anti-racist:
   to engage where I've been passive;
   to speak where I've been silent;
   to do as I believe;
   to go where I've not been;
   to read beyond my usual shelf;
   to listen to music I've never sung;
   to come to know the family
      I say I love but haven't met...
Help me understand, Lord,
that racism is a sin,
anti-racism a virtue,
and that for a Christian
just avoiding sin is not enough:
    we're called, each one of us, 
    to a live a life of virtue...

Help me not only see the problem, Lord,
   but also to become part of its resolution;
help me work for the very change 
   I pray and vote for...
And change me, Lord, from deep within,
   from the inside out, in mind and heart,
change me and how I see the world you've made
   and love the family I belong to,
      the household of your love... 

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

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