Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/25

Owe no debt to anyone except the debt that binds us
   to love one another...
Love never wrongs the neighbor...
    -Romans 13:10
Help me today, Lord, 
   to do no wrong to my neighbor,
   to do no wrong to my family,
   to do no wrong to my friends,
   to do no wrong to my coworkers, 
   to do no wrong to strangers,
   to do no wrong to myself... 
Help me to do no wrong, Lord,
but rather
   to do what's right,
   what's just and fair,
   what's honest and true,
   what's merciful and kind,
   what's loving and generous...
Help me do what you ask of me today, O Lord,
    and nothing more and nothing less than that...




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