Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/24

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These days, Lord,
lots of folks are concerned about the supply chain 
- because our supplies have been cut off!
We didn't know how much we depended on this chain
until the linkage failed and all of a sudden 
we couldn't get our hands on whatever we wanted
in the quantity, size, color, flavor, model and edition
our needs demanded and our hearts desired...
Who knew the chain could break so easily?
Who ever gave a thought or a prayer
for the millions of men and women,
living links in that chain,
upon whose labor we all depend for so much 
every day of our lives?

And now, perhaps for the first time,
we all can experience, in small ways,
what it means to go without, 
    to know what it means to face
    empty store shelves, empty kitchen cupboards,
    empty closets and empty bellies,
what it means to live in want
    not because the supply chain is broken
    but because it simply never reaches the places
    where millions live in want... 

We need to patient, Lord,
    with the supply chain now failing
    our own first world needs and desires
and hope and pray our experience make us impatient 
    with the plight of those whose needs and wants
    enjoy no links to our usual surplus and plenty...

We pray for this, Lord, 
gratefully trusting in all that links us to you:
    the grace of your redeeming Cross
    and the generous love you call us to share
    with all with whom we're linked
    in the human chain of want and sacrifice,
    of need and generosity,
    of giving of ourselves and all we have
    that others may have life
    and have it to the full...






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