Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/22/22

Some folks are pretty excited, Lord, 
by all the 2s in today's date
which happens to fall on a
- Twosday!

And me? 
Well, this inevitable sequence of numbers
doesn't really rock my boat
but has caused me to ponder
some other remarkable 2s in life...
Like the wonder of two
    bringing to speech
    their minds' deepest thoughts,
    the hope in the their hearts,   
    the joy of their souls:
        friends sharing dreams for the future... 

The wonder of two
    meeting, sharing, growing together,
    falling in love, entering marriage
    making love - two become one,
    giving birth - two become three:
        now a family: born of the union of two...

The wonder of two, wounded, in pain,
    reaching in mercy, forgiving each other,
    healing and mending the broken parts,
    restoring their unity, bonding again,
    rebuilding what had fallen apart:
        renewing the grace, the wonder of two...

And the wonder of two, Lord, you and me:
    you my creator, I your beloved,
    I your servant, you my friend,
    you the potter, I your clay,
    the two of us one in your Spirit,
    in your mercy, your grace and your love...

The wonder of 2s on 2/22/22:
    a wonder that comes on every day, Lord,
    on each night and day 
    when 1 + 1 make 2
    and 2 become 1 in love 
    in grace, 
    in you...





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