NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 5/26

There's a wide range of ideas, Lord,
on how we might best respond
in the face of the loss of innocent life,
so much in the news of late...
Some say, "Pray!" but others say, 
"Prayer's become a cop-out:
    it only  keep the status quo,
    and keeps it - oh, so quo."
Well, here's my take this evening Lord:
    tonight I'll pray again
        for an end to all the violence;
     tonight I'll pray again
        for those who've died and those who grieve;
    tonight I'll pray for those whose twisted thoughts 
        may lead to killing;
     tonight I'll pray that change will come,
        that I'll share in its making;
    tonight I'll pray to find and keep
        the strength of my convictions;
    tonight I'll pray that I'll speak out 
        when lies and bias pass as truth,
    that I'll support and vote for those 
        who'll change what must be changed...

Help me see, Lord, 
    that if I'm not a part of the solution,
        I remain a part of the problem... 
Help me see, Lord,
    that if I don't work for change
        innocent blood stains my hands...

Help me see, Lord,
    that there's change within our grasp
        if we'll but reach and work to make it...
Help me see - how much we need to pray -
        for on our own, Lord 
             - we have failed...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake,
watch over me while I sleep,
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

Tonight's music isn't a hymn, nor is it an answer to the crisis facing our nation.  It is, however, a warning, a reflection, a comment on how tragedy becomes our daily reality when we allow that to happen - by degrees...

By Degrees by Mark Erelli
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