Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/28

May is a month of special devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. On the Saturdays of May, Pause for Prayer will focus on Mary with an appropriate musical selection, today, Ave Maria by Gregory Norbet. (I've been unable to identify the artist or the source of the graphic above - if you have information, please leave a comment!)

O, Mary, our sister,
Holy Mary, our mother,
Mother of Jesus, 
Mother of God,
Spouse of the Spirit,
Woman of the Promise,
Advocate faithful,
Consoler of souls,
Mother of mercy,
Doorway to glory,
Help of all Christians,
be with us we pray
in good times and bad,
in sickness and health,
as we pray every day,
and then, at last,
at the hour of death,

Ave Maria by Gregory Norbet

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Ave Maria, gratia plena
O holy Mary, full of grace
Dominus tecum
with you the Holy One,
such is your gift to know God in your heart.

blest among women
the child that you bore,
Jesus the saviour, God's love incarnate
deep woman of faith.

Ave Maria, Ave, Ave Maria

Sancta Maria 
Holy Mary
Mater Dei
Mother of God
Ora pro nobis
pray for our faithfulness
All through the seasons of life
with hope and with love
Ora pro nobis
pray for our faithfulness
all through the seasons of life
with hope and with love.




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