Our prayer began today with a reflection on the Heart of Jesus and now, at day's end, we pray for a heart like his...

Lord, give me a heart
    to love as you love,
give me a heart
    to see as you see,
give me a heart
    to forgive others freely,
give me a heart
    as deep as your own,
give me a heart
    at peace with your word,
give me a heart
    for serving the poor,
give me a heart
    both generous and kind,
give me a heart
    of strength and conviction,
give me a heart 
    of gentle compassion,
give me a heart
    as pure as fresh snow,
give me a heart
    courageous and bold,
give me a heart
    both simple and humble,
give me a heart
    healed by your mercy,
give me a heart
    filled with trust and hope,
give me a heart
    to welcome the outcast,
give me a heart
    steeped in wisdom and truth,
give me a heart
    to welcome your Spirit,
give me a heart 
    where you are at home
and give me a heart
    at home with your own...
Protect me, Lord, and keep me safe
in the depths of your holy heart:
be my strength while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, my heart beat one with yours
and asleep, find peace 'til morning dawns...
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Heart of Jesus  by Ali Figueroa

Teach our hearts to love like yours, love of God most high! 
Sacred Heart of Jesus, keep us by your side!
Save us all from death and sin, our King crucified.  
Crowned with thorns and sorrow, you give us new life.  
Listen to our prayer! Heart of Jesus, hear!  
Make us always yours, and hold us ever near.  
Wherever we may go, whatever we may do,  
Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in you.  
Grant us grace and all good gifts, heart of Christ, our Lord. 
Make your holy presence our home evermore!
Fill us with your light and life. Guide us in your ways. 
Justice, peace, and mercy rule us all our days. 




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