NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 6/15

I know you saw me, Lord,
Sunday afternoon, on my last walk 
around Georgetown Lake...
    Georgetown Lake: photo by CP

You saw me collecting small pine cones,
freshly fallen along the path,
gifts from nature's souvenir shop:
    reminders of the calm and beauty 
    of the quiet, holy place 
    where I found them at my feet
    while walking at your side...

I'll glue them to a ribbon or a cord
and hang them in a place 
where I'll see them everyday,
mementos of my walks with you:
    conifer cones, now bearing seeds
    of the memories, prayer and peace I found
    walking 'round this lake of grace... 
You tabernacle your presence 
throughout the universe, Lord:
    there's no place where you're not found,
    no  path where you don't seek me...
In Georgetown or in Wayland,
you walk right by my side:
    your hand upon my shoulder,
    your Spirit hovering just above,
    calling me to speak with you,
    to empty my heart into yours,
    to know your peace and mercy
    and your healing touch of love...
I know you were with me, Lord,
on my last walk 'round the lake:
    keep your eye on me, now I'm home,
    and stay close by my side...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place 
    by Lanny Wolfe
 performed by   
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Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place,
I can feel his mighty power and his grace.
I can feel the brush of angel wings, I see glory on each face,
Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.
In the midst of his children the Lord said he would be;
It doesn’t take very many it can be just two or three.
And I feel that same sweet Spirit that I’ve felt oft times before;
Surely I can say I’ve been with the Lord.
There's a holy hush around us, as God’s Glory fills this place.
I've touched the hem of his garment, I can almost see his face.
And my heart is overflowing with the fullness of his joy;
I know without a doubt that I’ve been with the Lord.




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