Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/30

Stopped at a red light yesterday, Lord,
I watched a mom with two kids cross the street...
The girls, maybe 7 and 9 years old,
skipped ahead of mom, hand in happy hand...
They'd not a care in the world - of if they did - 
their joy had overcome it...
I wonder, Lord...

Will they recall - some years from now -
their crosswalk cheer one sunny afternoon?

What becomes of all the joys they knew
but lost to memory long ago?
Once joy anoints us with your grace,
are those memories stored forever in your heart?

Do you save them, Lord, along with us,
'til one day we'll rejoice in them again?
Is part of heaven's glory found 
in rediscovering all the joys we've known?

Then lead me through my sorrows, Lord,
with hope of what's to come;
prepare my soul to meet the joys
through which I first met you... 





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