NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 7/30

Tonight's prayer begins with a very short video
    - just a minute and nine seconds!
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When I'm in a dumpster,
   down in the dumps, 
        and it seems there's no way out,
bring a ladder, Lord
    - come rescue me -
        and help me climb over the top...
Set my spirit free
    to follow you,
        my way, my truth and my life;
lift me up and out
    of what keeps me down,
        and refresh my heart with your joy...

And when my friends
    are down and out,
        in need of a helping hand,
let me be a ladder
    for them to climb
        to freedom and peace with you...

Protect me, Lord, 
    while I'm awake
        and stand vigil while I'm asleep;
that awake, I'll keep  
    the watch with you
        and sleep through the night in peace...

Climb the Ladder by Hot Rize
Tonight's music is a bit different than the usual fare
    but it's a good match for this evening's prayer...
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Climb the ladder, rung by rung
Climb the ladder high, 
step by step and one by one 
to reach our hearts' desire

Walkin' down a dim lit street,
heads are hanging' low,
you say your ship is sinking
and you got no place to go
This ladder starts at the bottom,
you can find it with you heart,
reach on up and take a hold,
it's not too late to start
Life's a precious thing, my friend
and when it ends you cannot choose,
time is all you have to give
and it's all you have to lose
When at last your race is run
and it's time for you to fly
keep on climbin', rung by rung 
as you bid this world goodbye




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