Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/23

Detail from Michaelangelo's Creation

Just between you and me, Lord...

I want to thank you
for your patience with me,
especially when I'm impatient with you,
    wanting and even demanding
    that you work on my schedule
    instead of yours...

Thank you, Lord,
for your attentiveness to my prayer,
especially when, for long periods of time,
    I've been inattentive to you,
    and failed to come to you in prayer...

Thank you, Lord,
for you faithfulness to me
even when I've been unfaithful to you
in my thoughts, in my words and in my deeds:
    thank you for your mercy and pardon
    when I've been loose and reckless
    with all you've given me...

Thank you, Lord,
for giving me another chance
after I've blown so many
and when I really don't deserve
another one:
    thank you for the grace
    of all the new beginnings
    you offer me so generously...

Thank you, Lord,
for loving me,
especially when I've failed to love
some members of my own family,
my neighbor and my colleagues at work:
    than you for loving me, Lord,
    when I fail to love myself
    and most of all
    when I fail to love you...

And thank you, Lord,
for bearing with me on that "one thing"
that bothers me so much:
- be patient as I try to let it go;
- listen to my prayer as I struggle with it;
- be faithful in helping me work through it;
- give me again the grace to be free of it...

- And in the meantime, Lord - love me
    with the love that's yours alone to give,
    the love for which I'm most truly grateful;
  Love me, Lord, with love enough to spare
      to share with everyone around me...





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