Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/27

I want to pray this morning, Lord,
for all who don't know prayer to be:
    a chapel of your presence,
    a home that waits to welcome in,
    a mending place for broken lives,
    a storehouse of encouragement,
    a window to wise choices,
    an easy chair for grieving,
    a refuge from adversity,
    a hearth of warmth and comfort,
    a harbor safe and calm,
    a library of truth, 
    a healing spa for wounded hearts,
    a wellspring of pure grace,
    a meadow for discernment,
    an ocean of forgiveness,   
    a ladder to the heavens,
    a hideaway for weeping,
    a beacon in the darkness,
    a garden of tranquility,
    a respite for the weary,  
    a mountaintop for dreaming,
    a path to good decisions,   
    a haven of deep peace, 
    a lifeboat in the tempest, 
    a river of compassion,
    an oasis of serenity, 
    a fortress for the fearful, 
    a retreat from life's absurdity,
    a treasury of prudence,
    an open field of freedom,
    a court of tender mercy,
    a safe house for the sinner,
    a source of strength and courage,
    a valley of contentment,
    a shelter in the storm,
    a font of consolation,
    a mooring for the soul... 
And now, Lord, I'm thinking...
I'm thinking I'd better pray for myself, too,
just in case I've forgotten some, or even many,
of all the ways that prayer's a gift,
of all the ways that prayer's my path
    to you and to your love, 
        to your grace and to your peace...




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