NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 11/10

Veterans Day is tomorrow, but there's no day in the year when we're not in debt to these men and women who have served us...   
The 15-foot-high, bronze sculpture pictured below is at the center of a small park, a memorial to military chaplains, in Des Moines, Iowa. It's titled  A Veteran’s Prayer for Eternal Peace
A Veteran's Prayer for Peace
The hands of  a veteran, Lord...
Hands that once gripped a rifle,
        now empty, free to lift to you in prayer...

Hands that once held off the enemy,
    now raised up to welcome and receive...

Hands that once embraced
   a wounded, fallen body,
    now raised in prayer to you
        to whom we lift the ones we lost...
Hands that trembled once in danger's face,
    now steady, calm and grateful
        for survival, life and hope...
Hands that ached with loneliness,
    away from home and loved ones,
        now hold the hands of family and dear friends...
Hands that reached to you in prayer, 
    once in time of war,
open still, this very day, 
    in prayer that all wars end...
Hands that served a nation's call 
    to guard, to fight and shield,
I pray now rest at ease, in peace,
    their work and service done...

Protect them, Lord, our veterans,
    watch over them with care
that awake, they stand the watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...
Thank You, Soldiers by Michael and Angela Souders
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