NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 4/16

On Sundays, Night Prayer takes its inspiration from an element of the day's mass. Every year on the Sunday after Easter we read the story of Doubting Thomas (a.k.a. Believing Thomas).  In the Christian life, the opposite of doubt (its antidote, its resolution) is faith, not proof.  As the scripture and song tell us, We walk by faith and not by sight.   Let's pray...

We walk by faith, Lord, not by sight
    and so we pray tonight:

for the gift of faith
   for  all who seek it...

for the strengthening of faith
    in those who doubt...
for deeper faith 
   in harder times...
for faith to help us make it,
   day to day and through the night...

for those whose faith
   is lost, shaken or broken...

for the faith to act
    on our beliefs...

for the wisdom of faith
   to discern the truth...

for prudent faith
    to shape our words and deeds... 

for the grace we need
    to share our faith with others...  
Lord, grant us the faith we need
           to follow the gospel,
           to love our neighbor,
           to live the truth,
           to bear our grief,
           to do what is just, 
           to love those who hate us,
           to trust in you,
           to live in hope
           to work for peace,
           to act with justice
           and to follow where the Spirit leads...
We walk by faith and not by sight
    so grant us, Lord, the grace to see
        what only faith reveals...

Protect us, Lord while we're awake
and watch over us when we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

We Walk by Faith by Marty Haugen
Although most of us will know this hymn through Marty Haugen's melody, the lyrics were written in 1844 by the Brittish  composer, Henry  Alford. The second verse of this song
includes Thomas' response upon meeting the risen Jesus: "My Lord and my God!"
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We walk by faith and not by sight
No gracious words we hear
Of him who spoke as none e'er spoke
Yet we believe him near
We may not touch his hands and side
Or follow where he trod
Yet in his promise we rejoice
And cry "My Lord and God"
Help then, oh Lord, our unbelief
And may our faith abound
To call on you when you are near
And seek where you are found
That when our life of faith is done
In realms of clearer light
We may behold you as you are
In full and endless sight
We walk  by faith and not by sight
No gracious words we hear
Of him who spoke as none e'er spoke
Yet we believe him near




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