NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 5/2

Watch over us while we sleep...

That's our prayer every night, Lord,
    and it's less a request we make of you
        and more a reminder for us
that you watch over us always,
    awake or asleep, 
    night and day, 
    coming and going,
    around the clock,
your eye is ever upon us,
    you hold us in your loving care...
Even if, in the dark of night,
    danger should come or illness,
        a nightmare, worry or fear,
you never let go your hold on us 
    we never fall from your arms,
we're cradled safely, your children,
    held in your gentle strength,
        close to the beat of your heart...

Even if under the cover of night
    death should come 
        to knock on the door,
your grip would only grow stronger,
    holding us closer than ever before
to carry us off in our slumber
    to the peace we've always prayed for,
    to the life and joy you promised,
    to the dawn of the day that has no end...
Even in the dark of night, Lord,
    even in the dark of night...

So yes, Lord:
    hold and protect us while we're awake
        and watch over us while we sleep
    that awake, we might keep watch for you
        and asleep, rest in your peace...


Tonight's song is another musically lush composition 
from Dan Forrest, this is song perfect for Night Prayer...

I Lift My Eyes (Psalm 121) by Dan Forrest

If a video doesn't appear below, click here!




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