Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 10/23

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
Today, Lord, I offer you 
    my praise and thanks
    - for the whoosh, crunch and rustle
        of the leaves beneath my feet...
    - for sunlight glowing amber
        through the trees along the road... 
    - for a quilted warm embrace
        against the chill of autumn nights...

    - for the lullaby of owls
        hooting softly in the woods...
    - for farm stands jeweled with apples,
        red delicious, granny smith..
    - for the sterling silver beauty
        of October's harvest moon...
    - for the last of blue hydrangeas
        holding fast against the frost...

    - for the rain of tears from heaven,
        shed for peace upon the earth... 
    - for the changing of the seasons
        in my world and in my heart...

    - for shorter days reminding me:
        how swift the gift of time...
    - for your ever-faithful presence,
        winter, summer, spring and fall
      I offer you my thanks and praise,
        my Lord, my God, my all...








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