NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 5/7

I was out on the road, Lord,
    it was no more than a couple weeks ago,
when I found myself wondering  when at last
    there'd be leaves on the trees...

And this morning I noticed: 
    they've arrived!
Now, I know they didn't appear of a sudden,
    overnight, just this morning,
they've been slowly growing, growing greener
    day by day by day...

And I missed that, Lord - was I distracted?
Or simply not paying attention
    to all you were doing, 
what you were creating and coaxing to life 
    right in my back yard and all along Cochituate...
Makes me wonder what else I'm missing, Lord
    - what else I've missed!
What other beauty are you bringing to life
    right outside my window
beauty I miss because I'm focused on
    - on something less than beauty...
Spring's still on its way, Lord,
    so I pray you'll open my eyes 
and make me aware of all the subtle silent ways
    you show yourself in glory...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

I Believe In Springtime by John Rutter
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!

I believe in springtime: fresh and new and bright;
I believe in morning dew and shining morning light.
I believe in sunbeams, melting all the snow;
And I believe when winter's done
The streams will run and rivers flow.

I believe in eagles soaring up so high;
I believe in trees and mountains reaching to the sky.
I believe in green things; all the gifts of earth;
Growing up from tiny seeds that spring has brought to birth.
I believe in summer; I believe in fall:
But most of all I believe in God
Who made it and blessed it all.

I believe in people, living all as one;
Sharing all their songs and laughter, happiness and fun;
I believe in friendship: taking time to care;
And feeling sure of someone else,
And someone feeling glad you're there.
Then I start to wonder how it all might be
If the world could live together just like you and me.
I believe in hoping; I believe in prayer;
I believe in trying hard and learning how to share.
I believe in dreaming; and, when dreams are through,
Then I believe in trusting God
To help me make dreams come true



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