Ave Maria - 9

Today's Ave Maria is the 16th century composition of Robert Parsons. It's performed here by the Cambridge Singers under the direction of composer John Rutter. (If you ever hear that the Cambridge Singers are performing in the Boston area, please let me know immediately! One of my dreams is to hear them in concert.)

For those of you who read music, this video follows the score the choir is singing. Parsons wrote the piece for five voices but it is often performed by choral groups in five parts. (Those of you who have never sung in a choir - this is what the choir members are reading!)

On this Sunday night the songs of Mary will be sung by one voice, Lauren Sprague (soprano), and accompanied by Carol Messina (piano). The concert, Chosen From All Women will follow Evening Prayer which will begin at 7:00 p.m. this Sunday at Holy Family Parish in Concord. Please join us - and bring some friends who appreciate beautiful music.

Ave Maria Numbered Series

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