Good tidings of great joy!

I bring you news of the birth of Austin Coley H. (above), son of Martha and Bobby, grandson of my sister and brother-in-law and great-nephew of ConcordPastor.

He was born on January 9th at 6:17 p.m., weighs 6lbs, 12oz, and is 18.5 inches long.

He was almost three weeks early but both he and his mother are in good health: praise God from whom all blessings flow!

My sister has declared, with eminent objectivity, that he is perfect!

(Austin is named after my father.)

Let us pray...

All-powerful God,
you are the source of all blessings, the protector of infants,
whose gift of children enriches and brightens a marriage.
Look with favor on Austin Coley
and, when he is reborn of water and the Holy Spirit,
bring him into your own spiritual family, the Church,
there to become a sharer in your kingdom
and with us to bless your name for ever.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

(from the Book of Blessings)


  1. Congratulations, great uncle Concord Pastor! Babies are the most precious gift...

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  3. Congratulations to you and your family! Indeed a GREAT-nephew of a GREAT uncle. He is beautiful!!!

  4. It's always so beautiful to see a newborn, and I'm sure you were a part of the naming as well as your dad.
    Congratulations great uncle! He's precious!

  5. Sincere congratulations to the latest Austin's family. I am sure he will have much love, not least from his great uncle.

  6. Congratulations- he is beautiful.

    God bless Austin Coley and all his family members.

  7. How wonderful to see this new baby, Austin! Congratulations to the parents, the grandparents and the great uncle! Could there be a family resemblance?

  8. Adorable! Congratulations Great Uncle Austin! What a wonderful role model the latest Austin has in you!

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  10. I'm reposting this comment from "Rose," minus a phrase that identifies some particular persons.
    Family and friends: in your exuberance, please keep this in mind :-)

    From "Rose" --

    I can, from first hand experience, say that the original father Austin was a most wonderful and loving man and his first son, the current Father Austin is true to his father's name sake so it should only be that the newest addition to our family that has been blessed with such a wonderful name carry on the legacy. I know he will bring much joy and many blessings to his family. Congratulations to you all and our prayers and blessing are with you. What a wonderful New Year's gift you have received! Keep the pictures coming! love Rose

  11. He is a beautiful child with a great name and future !! Thanks for sharing him with us.


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