A Solitary Tear

Image by Cadfael
A Solitary Tear
by Austin Fleming
Do you feel the tear I see
move slowly down a crevice
worn by grief
upon your cheek?

Now it stops,
too tired to move on,
one sorrowed drop welled up
from springs of empty ache,

a solitary tear
slowed, stalled,
no place to go,
no sweet hand to wipe away

the dew that slowly seeps
from deep inside
where pain pools
and spills

your hidden secret:
a parched heart's thirst
for a sip
of love now lost.


1 comment:

  1. True love is never lost. Sometimes it just hides deep in our hearts... but it is always there for us to find one day, either here or in heaven.
    What a touching and beautiful poem, concordpastor.


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