Yet another take on Caravaggio...

Doubting Thomas by Ben Steele

I've posted several renderings of "Doubting Thomas," including Caravaggio and his imitators. The image here by Ben Steele takes us in another direction... or does it?

Steele's site is worth a visit for his take on art and how we view it. I'd apologize to fans of Kinkade but that would be disingenuous on my part: the visual pun in Steele's piece here is too sweet to pass up!

For some insightful commentary on all of this, check out Anneke Majors post at A Motley Vision.



  1. There was a Kinkade gallery (shop) in Concord a few years back. It didn't last for very long, I think about a year. Before the Mormon Temple in Belmont was officially open, at which time only certain Mormons are allowed to enter, the Temple was open to the public for tours. I went on a tour. One thing I was struck by were the paintings that depicted scenes from the Bible. They were very bland in coloration. Jesus seemed to be almost a blue-eyed blond. I imagine Kinkade would have liked them.

  2. I completely missed the Kinkade shop in Concord, but then if I had noticed it I would probably not have gone in. There is art and then there is pretty decoration. I did read the Anneke Majors post and sympathized with her views, even while thinking we really should allow each other our artistic tastes. But, then, I do think Caravaggio may be my favorite artist; I love his powwer, his darkness and his light. So - I just don't get Kinkade!


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