She thought it was the gardener...

In John's gospel, Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb on Easter morning and encounters a man there whom she first thinks to be the gardener. It is the Risen Jesus but she does not recognize him until he calls her name.

How about the man in the photo above? He could easily be taken for a gardener.

Truth is, he's Monsignor Michael Duca, rector of Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas - until this morning when he was named by Benedict XVI to be ordained as the bishop of Shreveport, LA.

I've never met Michael Duca. Never heard of him until I saw his picture and story over at Rocco's Place. And I know a picture isn't much to go on - but it might be worth a thousand words.

There's something about a seminary rector in a t-shirt and jeans, hoe in hand, out in the vegetable garden that bodes well for the people of his new diocese.

May the people of Shreveport often mistake Michael Duca for the Gardener and may Bishop Duca remain close to the earth, bringing in the harvest for the Lord.



  1. How wonderful for the people of Shreveport.

  2. That is a refreshing and hopeful picture. I don't know many Mgr. who take the time to refresh their spirit in this fashion. May it prove helpful to those in Shreveport.

  3. Now THAT'S a bishop! I have never gone out of my way to meet visiting hierarchy, but I would to meet this humble toiler in Christ's garden.

  4. That photo would bode well for a bishop of any denomination, I think. Good stuff!

  5. I do know this Bishop from my childhood. He is very special and I know you all will love him the way everyone who has met and known him do. He is very special.


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