Word for the Weekend

Icon by Sr. Marie-Paul Farran, OSB (Click on image for larger, clearer version)

If it's Tuesday then it must be time to begin thinking about the scriptures for the coming weekend's Sunday liturgy! Here are the scriptures and background materials to help you prepare. And if you have kids, then check here to help them get ready, too.

The gospel passage tells the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus and their encounter with the Risen Christ. Only one of the disciples is named - Cleopas (sometimes rendered Clopas). Because in other places Cleopas is paired with his wife, Mary, some believe the second disciple on the road was this woman. The icon above shows that image.



  1. I like that icon and the idea that Cleopas was with his wife. I like it also because it depicts, on one side,the travelers on their journey seriously listening to each other,reflecting and discussing the recent events. Then, on the other side, it shows what followed,...table fellowship and the breaking of the bread. Here's what "Living Liturgy" (Working with the Word) says about the connection of the two acts:
    " This is the pattern of liturgy, which itself parallels the structure of the Jewish Passover meal in which the telling of the saving events precedes the eating of the meal. The two acts elucidate one another.
    Scripture and meal—Word and sacrament— together reveal the mystery and actualize the presence of Jesus in the midst of the gathered community."


  2. Thanks for your comment, Anne: as you know from reading here I beileve the more connections we can make between Passover and Eucharist the deeper our understanding of our own worship.


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