Any cyber problems with this blog?

Update: Looks like this was something of a false alarm, though quite real on one reader's computer. Thanks to those who replied!

Is anyone having trouble logging into this blog?
Any problems related to the Saint Kateri post?



  1. I had reported a problem earlier, I just discovered I can access the blog using Internet Explorer, but not AOL...have no idea why that is!!!

  2. Nope, no problems and I get it delivered via Google Reader. Your wonderful blog is one of my lifelines to Word and Spirit.

  3. No problem getting on the blog but for some reason i had a heck of a time downloading the song on the side bar. My computer got hung up twice. Tried a 3rd time with no problem. Go figure.

  4. To the person who had problems with AOL: I carry the support cell phone for my university's website part-time, and we have discovered over the years that there are lots of problems using AOL's browser to access others' web pages. AOL's proprietary software does all kinds of funky things behind the scenes that may mess up what the web page is trying to do. The solution we offer to our users is to use AOL to make the connection to the Internet, but then use another browser to do your web surfing. That appears to be the solution you worked out for yourself. Firefox is what we recommend, but Internet Explorer is fine for many things, as are Safari, Opera, Mosaic, and the other browsers.

    This tech moment was brought to you by the letters "B" and "U." ;-)

  5. Thanks, Piskie!

    I'd second the recommendation you made: drop Explorer and go to Firefox - it's great (although I don't use its "tab" system).

  6. I have an old computer and all the fancy audio-visual offerings slow it down alot. Sometimes the videos appear as gray rectangles in the middle of stories.


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