Preparing to hear the Word on Sunday...

Here are the scriptures and background material on the same for this coming weekend's worship. Got kids? Take a look at the helpful hints over at Sadlier to help the young ones prepare to hear God's word this weekend. We'll be celebrating the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

This week's first lesson, from Isaiah, contains a beautiful image of how God's word "rains and snows" upon us. Writing to the Romans, Paul treats of the "suffering and groaning" of our present time (in every age) and how the Spirit promises us freedom. The gospel comes in a short and a long version: all about the sower and the seed. Which version would you like the preacher in your parish to proclaim? Small, large - or something in between?

Here's a tip... On Mondays I print out the three readings for the coming Sunday and put them in my pants pocket. That way, the texts are with me, wherever I go, whenever I have some time to spend with them. This also affords me a handy place to jot down ideas as they "rain and snow" upon me during the week. Think about printing out the texts and putting them in your pocket, purse or brief case. The Lord has promised that the word that has gone forth from his mouth will be fruitful - wherever you may go!



  1. Great idea! Printing the readings now...Anne

  2. yes- that idea will be great for me- having "things to carry with me" through my days have proven to be VERY helpful. Thank you.


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