Reflection on a rainy black rooftop

Image by DeliberatelyRandomThoughts

But not yet August

It's 3:30 in the afternoon
of a day past the middle of July,
but not yet August,
and dark as one might find
nearer nine at night on a summer's eve

and it's pouring rain...

(what else might it pour
and why do we say it's pouring rain?)

Some confluence of angles above
my bedroom window
channels the pouring (rain)
in a steady gush

and a roof below my window
spreads a thin black gloss:
puddles studded by rain drops
darting the dark mirror

For just a moment I wonder why
this (pouring) rain, this gushing
natural downspout soaks what ought
to be a beautiful summer day -
but just for a moment -

for the storm will pass, the pouring pause
the gush subside, the black mirror wait
to show the light of what no doubt
will best the storm and bring again
the sun the summer loves to pour on us
before the fall and winter pass again
and spring give hint of an afternoon
of another day past the middle of July,
but not yet August...



  1. Lovely. It is odd that it is pouring rain -- when rain is a noun and a verb? It's raining pour? It's raining rain?

    Shared the experience of a dark day too soon....got a chicken to bake and we are distracted by the familiar aroma of home....

  2. I was at work today with 9 toddlers...
    I actually enjoy a rainy afternoon when I'm with "my kids" and I see how their eyes get so big with curiosity and wonder...

    thank you for your wonderful poem.

  3. This poem reminds me of something that might have been written by Frost.

  4. The words above are the greatest anonymous comment yet to be posted here!

    Anonymous, you are too kind...

  5. I'm just saying it 'cause it's so!


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