To: DRE's, Catechists, RCIA Teams, Youth Ministers, Pastors and Parish Staffs

From: ConcordPastor

Re: Teaching scripture

The academic year is about to begin. There's so much scripture to teach - and so little time in which to teach it!

Let's face it: you can only do so much in one year and yet you want to include so much more.

Well, the comedy duo of Barats and Bereta have done us all a great service with their video,
Bible in A Minute!

With this video you can concentrate on the portions of the bible your lesson plans include for this coming year's curriculum and at the same time make sure your students and catechumens get to take a look at the whole (well, most of) the scriptures, too.

Does the pace move too fast for you? Here are the lyrics:

Bible In A Minute

Earth made, Adam Eve
Cain kills Abel, has to leave
Boring genealogy
Great flood, olive leaf

Tower Babel, Abraham
Sodom and Gomorrah, and
Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses

Ten commands, promised land

Judges, David, Solomon
Sent away to Babylon
Job, then a bunch of psalms
Proverbs and the Song of Songs

Major prophets, lion’s den
Minor prophets, Bethlehem
Gold and myrrh and frankincense
Satan and Samaritan

Choose disciples, other cheek
Walk on water, thousands eat
Lazarus, fig tree
Last supper, Gethsemane

Blood money, third denial
Pontius Pilate, public trial
Forty lashes, to the tree
Why have you forsaken me?

Third day, empty tomb
Reappears, five wounds
Acts of the Apostles next
Epistles and Apocalypse