Monday Morning Offering - 6

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
It’s Monday, Lord, and I come
ready to begin this week with you by my side,
in my heart,
and on the tip of my tongue…

On the tip of my tongue - where did that come from?

From you?


Let me think about that... I mean, let me pray about that...

You want to be on the tip of my tongue?

Like the word I have forgotten
but want to remember…

Like the prayer I want to pray
but can’t put into words…

Like the Name in my heart
that sticks in my throat
for fear you may not hear me
when I call you…

But you want to be on the tip of my tongue...

You want me to remember
the words that bring peace…

You want me to pray,
even when words fail me…

You want to hear me call your Name
because you love the sound of my voice…

(Why is it so hard for me to believe
that you want to hear me,
to hear what I have to say,
when I want so much to believe
that's just want you want to hear?)

Stir up my peaceful memories, Lord,
and remind me of words
to calm my soul…

Let your Spirit pray within me,
laughing, crying out my heart to you,
my soul’s silence
finally voiced…

Bring your Name to my lips
and I will call you
as you call me:
by name and by heart…

Give me a glossary of grace,
page after page of words
to bring my faith
to speech…

Open my mouth
for the Spirit’s prayer
to tumble from my tongue
in plea and praise…

Hear me
when I call your Name,
Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…
and help me answer
when you call mine…

Let the words that come
to the tip of my tongue
be words of peace, of truth,
of mercy and love

and give me courage to speak them
to any who need to hear them...

You are the Word,
yours is the Spirit,
yours is the Name
I trust and love…

be on the tip of my tongue
this morning, this day, this week,
and hear me
when I call upon you…



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  1. Just listened to "Ain't Got Time To Die." Fabulous!


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