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I'm pleased to be writing the MMO series here. As I've noted before, these Monday morning prayers are good for praying any day of the week! I chose Monday morning for the series as a way to begin the new work week.

A reader recently sent me her Friday MO and I asked her if I might share it with you. I hope my series and this reader's prayer (below) might prod you to write your own MO.



Dear God,
good morning!

Thank you for keeping me safe
and helping me to rest last night.

This morning,
I am thinking about this past week
and its many happenings
and all of the things I experienced...

As you know, like many other weeks,
this one was full of emotions -
lots of downs and some ups.
I'd like to focus on the ups...

Lord, thank you for giving me people in my life
who are so caring and supportive.
Please bless these people richly
- you know who they are...

And Lord, please be especially protective and attentive
to the children I work with and their families,
and ALL of the children and families
who are in similar situations.

Lord, today is my birthday
(I guess you know that already).
I feel-- well, I'm not exactly sure how I feel.
Please help me see this day as "a good thing"-
help me to see my life
as something to be grateful for and celebrated.


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  1. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for sharing your Friday prayer with us. I found myself yesterday morning (Monday) starting my day with Good Morning, God...This can be catching!


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!