Monday Morning Offering - 8

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

How 'bout that Michael Phelps, Lord?
I'll bet he's having a great Monday morning!

I see this Olympic athlete,
his strength and his skill,
and I remember what Irenaeus wrote,
"The glory of God is a human being fully alive!"

On a Monday morning? Fully alive?
I guess you call me to that every morning, Lord,
but there are many mornings
when I feel, well, like a loser...

I wish I could be like Michael Phelps, Lord:
strong, young, vibrant, focused, healthy
- and a winner!

So here's my Monday morning offering, Lord:

I offer you what strength I have,
no matter how little or how much,
and I pray you will firm up what is weak in me,
- that you will be my strength this week,
especially when I am tempted
to play to my weaknesses...

I offer you my youth, Lord,
no matter or young or old I may be:
remind me that this is the day, this is the week
when you call me anew, as if for the first time,
to follow you
and walk in the light of your truth...

I offer you my hopes, Lord,
especially the dashed and broken ones:
restore, revitalize, resuscitate my dreams
and make me hungry
for the value of your good gifts...

I offer you my confusion and doubts, Lord:
focus my mind, my will, my spirit
on your presence at my side,
the word you speak,
the counsel you offer in my heart of hearts...

I offer you my body, Lord:
hale and hearty or bent and broken,
strong and muscled or weak and failing...
Heal and strengthen me
for whatever you ask of me this week;
cleanse my spirit of what is not pure,
and train me to exercise the virtues
that strengthen my faith...

I want to stretch myself, Lord,
beyond what I settle for
when I doubt your strength within me...
I want the strength to strive fearlessly
for goals beyond my reach
- at least for those within my grasp...
I want the victory I know will be mine, Lord,
if I put my trust and hope in you...

I have little to offer you, Lord,
in my Monday morning prayer
- and so much to ask of you...

If your glory rests in humanity full alive,
then bring your glory to life within me
and crown me, Lord, with the victory
that opens my heart to you
and to those around me.




  1. Wonderful post.

    We need to remember that we all have gold medal potential in something. If we give all our effort. It just not be noticeable to anyone but God (maybe we need to look more carefully at ourselves and see our potential.)

  2. This is an eight gold medals Monday morning prayer! Thanks, CP, and I cannot even think you would use the word "loser" in connection with yourself. You are a totally awesome winner in my book!

  3. My life has not been without some victories but the losses have been many, too.

    More often than we may imagine, the "winner" deems himself/herself a loser: I didn't win by big enough margin; I could have done better if I had tried harder; it was just a lucky break...

    What I write in my prayer texts here is a combination of my own prayer and the prayers I've heard others make over 35 years of ministry. Bottom line: we all make the same mistakes; we have the same needs; we seek the same healings.

  4. What an amazing young man. I watched the interview with he and his Mom. The trials he endured throughout school are much like the ones my child had to endure, although, I believe my child received much worse and on a daily basis. I often wonder what those other kids might think, knowing what they have done. If they even know the difficulties they have made young children endure. Michael Phelps endured well. Others are not so lucky. I hope Michael will speak out more about the epidemic of school bullying. Perhaps, it will reach some of the people who are doing the bullying. And if they have a conscience, make them stop and think about the harm they cause.
    Congratulations Michael...keep showing them what an amazing person you are! Not just in swimming, but life as it comes at you...good and bad.


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