Same deck, different day - VERY different day!

Compare with yesterday's View From My Window

If you open the skies in rain,
walk me through the showers of your love
cleansing me and my wounds,
washing, refreshing, soaking me
in your grace...

From today's Monday Morning Prayer,
written yesterday in the sunlight,
posted this morning in the rain...



ned said...

A good day for a hot cup of coffee, a comfy chair and a really good book!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your Monday Morning Offering - VII. Things have changed for me today and I am beginning my "real" summer now. You've given me much to enjoy and contemplate.

Enjoy your rainy day. What a great way to begin a nice, long new book. PatC

Anonymous said...

The mushrooms in the front yard are growing by the minute...lots of rain and darkness !! I too hope you have a great book.

Anna said...

We are getting pelted with heavy rain. Nice days to stay in and chill out. Hope you are getting much less then we are!

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

Today you can barely see the wires you wanted to Photoshop out yesterday!!

Meredith Gould said...

Looks like a perfectly lovely day to me! Cozy.

Anonymous said...

Being flooded ... is not good. To see things floating that meant something to you ... is not good. At this point I can't relate to monday morning offering or your pictures of rain on a deck.

BUT .... I know there are worse things. This is not a time of "good" things for me, but this too, shall pass.

sad girl said...

a few haiku poems...

the tears of Heaven
falling from the dark, sad clouds
hiding my own tears

hold me, keep me safe
under my umbrella, God
should I go, or stay?

angry rain falls fast
hitting everyone it sees
surrender to it

God, hold me tight please
do not ever let me go
tell me what to do