Word for the Weekend of August 10

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Time to get your bibles out - or at least link over to the SLU site for this coming weekend's readings and study materials.

Got kids? We won't leave them out - click your way over to Sadlier for some notes to help prepare your children to hear God's word this weekend - at home or on vacation!

I'll be on vacation for a few weeks and so I'll have the unusual experience of not framing my week in terms of homily preparation.

This weekend's scriptures include the wonderful story of Elijah standing in a cave and dealing with strong winds, crushing rocks, fire, earthquakes and - whispers...

Writing to the Romans, Paul laments that his own people have not been quick to accept the gospel but then reiterates how much they have received from God - gifts that are still ours today as followers of Christ...

In the gospel story, Peter and his friends go for a boat ride and end up dealing with strong winds, rough seas, a ghostly apparition, an amazing dare - and near drowning! But someone comes along to save everyone from peril on the sea...


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  1. Vacation means no homily notes for your readers? Great. There goes my formation until September! BTW, your post about the language hoopla reminded me that I simply must blog about these maneuvers. I'm going to zoom in on the Latin Mass...in Hebrew. I think. Have a great vacation.


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