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This weekend was very busy in the parish and Sunday was one one of my busiest days ever! I didn't get my homily posted until late in the evening - and only today, when one reader inquired, did I realize I'd not posted a
Monday Morning Offering. (H/T to my faithful reader!) Well, there's NOTHING in our lives that can't be the subject of prayer, so here goes...

Good morning, good God!

I know you're eternal and timeless,
without a beginning and without an end,
and so I'm trusting you don't keep track
of the days of the week
or live by a calendar
as I do...

So please, Lord, accept my Monday Morning Offering
on a Tuesday morning...

I just didn't get to it yesterday
and I'm trusting that you'll give me a listen,
even 24 hours late...

Truth is, Lord, I know you'll accept my prayer,
even a day late,
because no prayer of mine goes unheard
by you who live
and love me
in the present moment,
now and always and forever...

You do not dwell on the mistakes
of all my yesterdays,
not a one of them...

You do not hold me to tomorrows
I've not yet met,
not even the day after today...

But you are with me, ever, in the present:
indeed, this is the day you have made,
the one on which you wait for me,
the day you come to meet me...

Heal me of living in my past, Lord,
and open me to your mercy
flowing, rushing in a river
from your heart to mine...

Save me from my anxiety,
deliver me from fear of days
yet to dawn and pass,
days whose blessings
I've not yet met...

Hold me in the present moment,
keep me in today:
remind me all day long
that this is the day you have made for me,
the day you walk with me:
from moment to minute, from hour to hour,
from the rising of the sun to its setting,
through the night of moon and stars...

No prayer of mine comes too early, Lord,
no prayer of mine arrives too late,
for in every moment of the day and night
your heart listens for mine
to beat, to speak,
to plead, to pray, to praise
and glorify your holy name...

I offer you this day, Lord,
this Tuesday,
for this is the day you have made
and this the prayer
your Spirit has stirred in my heart...


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  1. I too wondered what happened to the Monday offering, I look forward to it but sensed life might be busy...it was worth the wait. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

  2. May your today be less busy or at least may there be moments that you can stop and thank the Lord for all his wonders.


  3. Thank you for this beautiful Tuesday morning prayer. Very inspirational. I too had wondered about the Monday morning prayer, so you have several of us who look forward to starting our weeks this way! Hope you have had a chance to catch your breath after your busiest ever Sunday. And for your sake I hope this isn't portents of things to come. You had said you were having trouble giving up summer and vacation. Sounds as if Sunday decided to eliminate any foot dragging you might have still had!

  4. Thanks to all for your concern but as busy as Sunday was, it was, as in your own lives, just one of those times when "everything happens at once." It wasn't a crisis, just a confluence of many ministerial moments, each of them graced, falling on one day.

    The final grace of Sunday was the inspiration for the Monday Morning Offering on Tuesday! Praise God!


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