Daily Advent Evening Prayer: Second Tuesday

The glory of the LORD shall be revealed
and all people shall see it together;
for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.
Isaiah 40:5

The Church names Advent as a season of "joyful expectation." So, it's not too early for us to listen to some joyful music even with Christmas still a few weeks away. This song is considered Christmas repertoire by many but the scripture it sings is from Isaiah's prophecy, heard in the first lesson this past Sunday.

reveal your glory
that I might see it...

Let some light of your glory
illumine the place where I live...

Shine the light of your glory
on the streets and paths I walk every day...

Brighten my outlook
with the glory of the light of your eyes...

Reveal your glory
in places where I don't expect to find it...

Let your glory shine
through my eyes,
in my heart, in my words
and in every exchange I have with others today...

let your glory shine like a star in the night ahead
and give warm light to my sleep and my dreams...

Let your glory be revealed, Lord
and let all peoples see it together!


Our Father...



  1. Wow - amazing!! Thank you. It fits with this elemental weather today. Who is this group and do they have more music posted??

  2. If you click on the YouTube screen it will bring you to the original YouTube site where you'll see that this is the Candadian Bow Valley Chorus, from the Banff area. If you Google Bow Valley Chorus - you'll find their home page.


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