Urband Legends and Christmas Songs

It's that time of your when you'll start receiving emails and forwards with the supposed "story behind the story" of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas and on the origin of Candy Canes.

Don't be taken in! If you want the real scoop, check out the Urban Legends page: here for the Twelve Days of Christmas; and here for Candy Canes.

And now for something I've been waiting to post again for just about a year! This is my very favorite rendition of the The Twelve Days of Christmas!


  1. Isn't that the best?! We actually heard this on the radio a few weeks ago. I bet they never thought they would become net-celebrities when they recorded this!

  2. I never fail to learn something from reading your blog, CP. I had never heard of these particular attempts at retcon, and I am grateful that is true.

    I do love the video, and I was going to send it around to the usual suspects when I realized that I probably sent it around when you posted it last year!

    I had a new friend over to help trim my tree last weekend. She's Jewish, but she loves Christmas decorations so was delighted to be included. She came in wishing us a Merry Christmas, and I had to find a way to both express my gratitude for her good wishes but also clarify that we're celebrating Advent, which is when we prepare for as well as anticipate Christmas. I also explained that we don't *stop* celebrating Christmas on 12/26 when the secular world does. By the time she left she was in tune on the holidays (and the tree looked gorgeous).

    But I've been trying for some time to figure out the appropriate greeting for this season. "Advantageous Advent!" has been ruled out, as has "Patient and penitent Advent to you!" "May your Advent be eager and anticipatory!" is currently running high on the vote count.

    I suppose I could always go with "Blessings of the season," but that's so generic. Anyone have other ideas?

  3. I've been known to wish folks, "Happy Advent!" and I think that works just fine.

    I posted the video twice - why not send it twice to the usual suspects?


  4. I think the RCAB should have a priests a cappella choir. CP, would you like to initiate the effort?! I bet a fun-loving group of priests who really like to sing would do more to increase vocations than just about anything I can think of.

  5. If someone else has time to start such a group, I'd give serious consideration to joining it. One of the things I hope to be able to do when I retire is sing in a choral group.

    Not sure that an a cappella group will jump start vocations but I know I'd enjoy that kind of singing.


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