Daily Advent Evening Prayer: Third Tuesday

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Today's music for our Evening Prayer is an old song: the lyrics date from the very early 5th century and the tune from the 11th century. But it's not only an old song, it's a song about some very old truths. Like other seasonal music, this piece can easily be considered an Advent hymn and at the same time be sung on Christmas Day. This is because the song understands the several dimensions of Christ's coming, his advent. The Son of God, begotten "before the worlds began to be," was born in the flesh of Mary but he is both the "source and ending" of all life - and he will come again, evermore and evermore. We limit our understanding of Advent and Christmas if our focus is solely on a manger in Bethlehem - the story is eternal, evermore and evermore...

Of the Father's Love Begotten
by Aurelius C. Prudentius, circa 405 A.D.

1. Of the Father's love begotten

Ere the worlds began to be,

He is Alpha and Omega,

He the Source, the Ending He,

Of the things that are, that have been,

And that future years shall see

Evermore and evermore.

2. Let the heights of heaven, adore Him;

Angel hosts, His praises sing;

Powers, dominions, bow before Him

And extol our God and King.

Let no tongue on earth be silent,

Every voice in concert ring

Evermore and evermore.

3. This is He whom Heaven-taught singers
Sang of old with one accord;
Whom the Scriptures of the prophets
Promised in their faithful word.
Now He shines, the Long-expected;
Let creation praise its Lord
Evermore and evermore.

4. Christ, to You, with God the Father,

And the Spirit blessed eternally,

Hymn and chant and high thanksgiving

And unending praises be,

Honor, glory, and dominion,

And eternal victory

Evermore and evermore.

I cannot wrap my mind
'round th' eternity of who you are,
evermore and evermore...

Before the world was fashioned,
you were there
and you were there,
evermore and evermore...

I cannot wrap my heart
'round th' eternity of your love
but I trust your eternal embrace
to hold me evermore and evermore...

Before there were the world
and your children to love,
you were love itself,
in the trinity of your being,
evermore and evermore...

In such ancient love, ever new,
you reveal yourself in every age
and in the age to come
we will see you face to face
and finally know you,
evermore and evermore...

Our Father...


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