CP's bookshelf

Bookcase design by David Ngo

I wonder if I could commission the Concord Carpenter to build me a bookcase like this one...

As you may have seen on other blogs, I've added a virtual bookshelf to the side bar (scroll down).

There are six books currently on my shelves, 3 are my own publications (from some years ago, but still in print) and three are books currently of interest to me.

My own works are:
Preparing for Liturgy: a theology and spirituality
Prayerbook for Engaged Couples
Parish Weddings

The other three:
Writing the Australian Crawl by William Stafford
The Shack by William P. Young
Called Out of Darkness: a spiritual confession by Anne Rice

If you pass your cursor over each book on the shelf, an editorial summary will appear and you'll only be a click away from ordering from Amazon.com.



Concord Carpenter said...

ha-ha, the slants will cost you extra!

I'm looking for a new book, which of the three lower ones do you recommend first?

Katie said...

My first visit to a virtual bookshelf! Your reading time is probably at a premium, but if I were to recommend an addition, it would be Peace Like a River by Lief Enger, written about 6-7 years ago ~ a modern classic with some echos of To Kill a Mockingbird. But the way Enger deals with spirituality throughout the book sets it apart.

ned said...

Well CP has not had a chance to respond yet Concord Carpenter, but I am in the midst of reading The Shack, and it simply must be expereinced, it really defies description! I would highly recommend The Shack! (I found it a little tedious in the beginning, but stick with it, there comes a point where you simply cannot put it down!)

Thanks CP for the Virtual bookshelf..what an excellent idea!

ConcordPastor said...

ned is right with the recommendation for The Shack.

While it's theologically, disappointingly weak in hits treatment of church, it's so strong in other areas.

ned's also correct in this regard: you will reach a point where you say to yourself - this is stupid - I'm not reading the rest of this book. RIGHT AT THAT POINT - keep reading!

Regina said...

Concord carpenter...I recommend anything by Max Lucado. He is a Minister who, much like Concord Pastor, brings the scriptures into todays world and word.
His works are very good.

I forgot my name said...

A friend of mine gave me The Shack as a Christmas gift... and I'd like to add my own recommendation... I am about halfway through it right now, and actually at a point where I don't want to put it down...

I can't say anything about it theologically... but I don't think it really matters if you're an "expert" or not... in fact, I think it's "better" if you put everything aside that you learned or think you know and have as open a mind as possible.

It is difficult for me to read for lots of reasons, but I definitely haven't said and will never say, "this is stupid- I'm not reading the rest of this book".

Concord Carpenter said...

SOLD! The shack it is.
Regina, I'm going online after this to look at Max Lucado as well. Thanks, ROB

Regina said...

Concord Carpenter,
I'd be interested in hearing feedback if you choose to read any of Max Lucado's books. I do have a habit of recommending him to everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

I read both The Shack and Called Out of Darkness and preferred the Ann Rice book. The Shack was just a tad too out there for me. Called Out of Darkness especially the later part of the book made for some thought provoking meditation. I actually reread part of a chapter last night. I also recommend Harold Kushner's book The Lord is my shepherd: healing wisdom of the Twenty-third Psalm.

Anonymous said...

I just finished The Shack. Really tough start especially as a parent. The premiss was tough to get through, but I did finish it (I'm in a book club that is reading it) and enjoyed it. It has interesting passages about the trinity which made me think about the three parts. Some of which I relate to in terms of relating to Jesus more than God, the father, or the Holy Spirit. I also relate to mary since she is the mother of Jesus and I pray to her for help and guidance.


sarah said...

I believe "The Shack" teaches you a wonderful lesson in how to forgive someone who destroyed your life.