The truck came at me,
I swerved
but I got a dent.

The car insurance woman
informs me that my policy
has been canceled.

I say, "You can't do that."
She gives me a little smile
and goes back to her nails.

Lately have you noticed
how aggressively people drive?
A whoosh! and whatever.

Some people are suddenly
very rich, and as many
suddenly very poor.

As for the war, don't get me started.
We were too busy watching
the ball game to see

that the things we care about
are suddenly disappearing,
and that they always were.

- by Louis Simpson, from Struggling Times

Image: Disappearing into the fog by Liyen


  1. Well that certainly did not lift my already weary spirit!

  2. ...sometimes seemingly negative things have a somewhat opposite effect- (well, maybe not opposite exactly)- but, I think at the least it kind of puts things in perspective... maybe... ?

    I liked this poem, and the graphic too...

    maybe I'm just a hopeless melancholic- ? (did I just "make up" that term? you know, like 'hopeless romantic'... )


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